Silvateam Brasil Ind. Com. Produtos Químicos Ltda

Commercial distribution and technical assistance for South America

Silvateam Brasil Ind. Com. Produtos Químicos Ltda is the Brazilian company in the Silvateam group. The company is in charge of commercialising all products suitable for the tanning industry in South America.

The office, employing around 20 people, is located in the city of Estancia Velha, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the most important district for tanneries, in a country that presently is the largest producer of fresh leathers.

A warehouse of 1,000 mallows Silvateam Brasil to provide their clients with a large range of products.

Apart from that, Silvateam Brasil has an experimental tannery for the tanning, retanning and finishing of leathers. Its technicians offer high quality technical assistance and they develop innovative concepts for the creation of new finished products.