Le Qr

Real vegetable tanned leather carpets

Le Qr is a recently established company (September 2004), as a result of work between the interior designer Michela Curetti and Silvateam. The company specialises in the creation, production and commercialisation of high quality leather carpets and home decorating items.

The exclusive carpets by Le Qr are made of Italian vegetable tanned leathers and they stand out among the competition due to skilled manufacturing, leading technology and attention to detail which translates into a product that gives added value anywhere it is placed. These carpets are positioned at the top end of the market because of their excellent quality and design which represents the highest level of Made in Italy. The extensive range available allows us to obtain fashionable products, ideal for decorating homes, offices, public spaces, hotels and theatres.

During the last few years, the company has been trying to find a way to differentiate its business into other market segments, such briefcases or small leather items. This differentiation is due to Michela Curetti´s experience and her refined and innovative ideas of fashion.

The finished products manufactured by third parties are subjected to a rigorous quality control by Le Qr, in order to guarantee that each item matches the agreed high quality standards. Apart from the Le Qr label, an informative label issued by the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium is added to all Le Qr products. This not only guarantees its authenticity and originality but also enables traceability by the supplier of the leather, as well as the manufacturer of the item.

While there exists a wide range of leather carpets in the market, Le Qr products stand out from the competition because of the quality of the leather and the manufacturing process. Indeed, most competitive products are normally manufactured in India and Latin America with chrome tanned leathers, which lack both the intensity of quality raw materials and the attention to detail in processing, typical of the Italian craftsmen.

For more information, please visit www.leqr.it