Estratti di mimosa

Mimosa extracts

From Tanzanian forests all the force of nature

Tanganyika Wattle Company Limited was founded in Tanzania in 1949 when the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC), a governmental agency of the United Kingdom, took over a forestry development project which began two years earlier by the Forest Land, Timber and Railway Company Limited. Today, Tanwat is the largest company in the rural district of Njombe, Iringa region (South Western Tanzania) and the leading manufacturer and marketer of mimosa or wattle extract (Acacia mearnsii).

In the last decades, the company has diversified to meet the continuing evolution of the market, expanding its business activities related to wood and biomass. Tanwat produces high quality Kiln dried timber, telegraph and transmission poles from eucalyptus wood and electric energy from mimosa residues obtained from the extraction process. Despite the diversification process, the mimosa extracts production constitutes a major share of the turnover of Tanwat.

Silvateam is the exclusive distributor for Tanwat mimosa tannins and it offers to its customers the following products:

  • Tanwat Solid Mimosa is a natural mimosa extract suitable for all types of vegetable tanned leathers. In fact, it can be used in pit or drum tanning, alone or in combination with other vegetable extracts. Its natural colour is slightly pink and gives a pale regular colour on fresh tanned leathers.

  • Tanwat Ordinary Mimosa is the powder version of the Solid Mimosa and is obtained by spray drying.

  • Tanwat GS Mimosa is a bleached natural mimosa extract and can be used in the production of any vegetable or chrome tanned leathers. The penetration into the leathers is very fast, thanks to the sulphitation process to which it is submitted. The natural colour is very light and the physical characteristics are improved compared to the Solid Mimosa and the Ordinary type.